Health Department has new map tracking Covid-19 data in G-O counties

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 April 2020 at 6:47 pm

This map shows Orleans on top, and Genesee below. The western section of Orleans includes the towns of Shelby, Ridgeway (Medina) and Yates (Lyndonville); Carlton, Gaines, Albion and Barre in the central section; and Kendall, Murray (Holley) and Clarendon on the eastern side. In Genesee County, the western end includes Alabama, Pembroke and Darien; the central section is Oakfield, Elba, Batavia, Alexander and Bethany; the eastern side includes Byron, Bergen, Stafford, Le Roy and Pavilion.

The Genesee and Orleans County Public Health Departments has a new online map that clearly tracks the confirmed cases of coronavirus in the two counties. (Click here)

The map shows the two counties and breaks the cases in three sections for each county: western, central and eastern. If there are many more cases, the Health Department may additionally break out which town the person resides in who has tested positive for Covid-19.

Right now, everyone should assume the virus is spreading in the community and is everywhere, said Paul Pettit, Public Health director for the two counties.

The map shows 9 cases in Orleans – 1 in the western part, 7 in central Orleans, and 1 on the eastern end. In Genesee, there are now 21 cases with 4 in the western section of the county, 6 in central Genesee, and 11 on the eastern end.

The case tracker online shows combined data for the two counties, and reports confirmed cases, 30; active cases, 27 (there have been 2 recoveries and 1 death from the virus).

The trackers also lists total tests administered at 381, total negative results at 351, people currently in precautionary quarantine at 16, people currently in mandatory quarantine at 51 and people currently in mandatory isolation at 27.

Pettit in an online news conference today strongly urged the community to practice social distancing. Staying six feet apart is one of the best weapons in preventing the spread of the virus. He urged frequent hand washing, wiping down common surfaces and staying home as much as possible especially if you’re feeling sick.

The Genesee and Orleans Health Departments today issued the following information: 

Operational Updates

• Be on the lookout for “GO Health Minutes.” These short video clips will feature different guests within the health departments as well as legislative members, businesses, organizations and some of our neighbors to highlight important information pertaining to COVID-19.

We will frequently be releasing new videos so be sure you are subscribed to our GO Health NY YouTube channel and check our websites and our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Social distancing must be practiced in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. This means canceling events such as parties, celebrations, and neighborhood gatherings where people congregate together.

This also means that children and adults should not play contact sports. These are temporary requests that will help stop the spread of the virus so that we can resume normal activities.

If you must go to the store, always maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and other people and wash hands frequently. Stores are not to be utilized as a social event.  It is important people limit their trips to the store, choose a designated shopper and if at all possible leave the children home.  Keep a 6 foot distance between other shoppers.

Take out/food trucks are not a gathering place. Keep 6 feet of space between other customers.

Stay Home

• Please remain home if ill, even if a person has a negative COVID-19 result it is important to continue to limit physical contact.  Flu and COVID-19 are still transmittable and people should continue to remain home and limiting contact with others.

• If you work with a vulnerable population, self-monitor prior to going to work, if you become sick while at work, contact your supervisor immediately and leave the premises to decrease the risk of contact with others. When not working, follow social distancing and limit time in public.

Medical Concerns

• If you feel you may have COVID-19, call your primary care provider or healthcare facility ahead of time. DO NOT GO DIRECTLY THERE, CALL AHEAD TO GET GUIDANCE.  Swabbing will be based on those who are in higher risk categories – elderly and immune compromised and those with underlying health issues.

Swab sample results are coming back slower than expected – some are over a week or more. With more testing, we expect this will continue. Whenever anyone is swabbed for potential COVID-19, self-isolation is advised until the test result is back.

Scam Alert

• Older Adults: Be alert for scams, including government grant scams. What to look for: Do not accept unsolicited phone calls or e-mails from someone claiming to be an official from the Federal Grants Administration, which does not exist, or a nonprofit organization like the National Residential Improvement Association offering grands or funding for repairs.

• Don’t click on social media messages or posts from people excited to share thousands of dollars, free grants, etc.

• The scammers may try using utility companies to access your information. Contact the utility using the number you have on your monthly bill not what the potential scammers have given you.

• Let calls you don’t recognize go to voice mail, most scams won’t leave a message, however, don’t return unsolicited calls. Write down the number and check online or have someone check for you to make sure it is legitimate. If you are unsure, or if it sounds too good to be true, ignore it and talk with a family member, the Office for the Aging, the Better Business Bureau or your local police.


• Anxiety, Depression, Fear: If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, fear about this outbreak call the Care + Crisis Helpline at 585-283-5200, text 741741 or call the NYS COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 884-863-9314. They have trained listeners available 24/7 to help you through this.

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