Hawley’s survey is divisive and omits pressing concern with coronavirus

Posted 29 March 2020 at 9:19 am


Thank you, Don Welch, for correctly pointing out that Assemblyman Hawley’s “Legislative Survey” is a not-so-subtle campaign flyer sent out on our dime. Mr. Welch, you beat me to it!

One thing you did not mention that I spotted immediately in reviewing the survey is that there is not a single question about the coronavirus. With that matter front and center in everyone’s mind I was astounded that there was no reference to it.

I am sure that this survey was in the works for some time, but was there no one with the wits to stop it from going out with this glaring omission? Maybe the Assemblyman shares President’s Trump’s view that everything will be back to normal by Easter, so no need to include anything about it in the survey? Good God, I hope not!

But of course the Assemblyman’s pet concern pushing for western/upstate New York to secede from the rest of the state is included, as usual. Mr. Hawley, I am a New Yorker. I was born here, educated here, and expect to live out my days here. Do not try to divide my state! Especially at a time like this.

James Renfrew