Hawley writes Mitch McConnell, asking Senate to confirm IJC members

Posted 14 May 2019 at 7:03 am

Press Release, Assemblyman Steve Hawley

Photo courtesy of Assemblyman Steve Hawley: Lake Ontario crashes into the shoreline in Orleans County.

In light of water levels continuing to rise and historically adverse flooding conditions along Lake Ontario’s southern shoreline in recent years, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) personally toured the northern border of the lake on Sunday from the Yates to Kendall to inspect conditions firsthand.

Hawley, who was one of the first elected officials to tour flood related devastation along the shoreline in 2017, wrote to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell requesting immediate confirmation of newly appointed International Joint Commission (IJC) members so they can begin work regulating water levels and protecting residents and businesses who may soon face property damage in northern Orleans County.

“I am writing regarding the urgent need for the Senate to move forward and place the International Joint Commission nominees on the Senate calendar for confirmation votes…Water levels on Lake Ontario are at 246.86 feet, compared to the peak of 249.10 in 2017. The lake has risen 5 inches in the past 10 days. However, if this continues, the few residents who survived the flooding in 2017 with minimum damage may not this year,” Hawley wrote in the letter, dated April 24.

The IJC has six members, with Canada and the U.S. each having three representatives. The U.S. nominees for the board include former State Assemblywoman Jane Corwin, and Rob Sisson and Lance Yohe.

“Increased erosion will continue to decrease the assessed value of the shoreline properties and more homeowners will have the expense of installing destroyed break walls to protect homes,” Hawley wrote. “Local businesses that struggled through 2017 may not survive another year.”

Please contact Hawley’s District Office at (585) 589-5780 for assistance regarding flood related issues caused by Lake Ontario.

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