Hawley seeks delay in pistol permit recertification deadline

Staff Reports Posted 16 January 2018 at 3:06 pm

As a result of new pistol permit recertification requirements that are in effect this year for the first time due to the SAFE Act, Gov. Cuomo’s controversial gun control measure passed in 2013, State Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R-Batavia) has joined a host of bi-partisan legislators from both the Assembly and Senate in writing to Gov. Cuomo requesting that the recertification deadline within the NY Safe Act be extended.

Recent changes to New York State Penal Law require license holders to recertify every five years. Individuals who were issued a Pistol /Revolver License before January 15, 2013, must recertify by January 31, 2018. The deadline to recertify for those issued a license on or after January 15, 2013, is five years from the date the license was issued.

There are currently about 1.2 million pistol permit holders in New York State, but only around 230,000 have recertified as of Jan. 2, 2018, Hawley said.

“We are urging you to extend the pistol permit deadline, which would allow the County Clerks and Sheriffs of this State the appropriate amount of time to process recertification requests,” Hawley and other legislators wrote to the governor. “We believe this action will help law-abiding gun owners comply with the current law, without the risk of turning them into felons overnight.”

Hawley has consistently voiced his opposition to the SAFE Act since 2013 as an infringement on constitutional rights and the fact that the bill was rammed through the Legislature in the middle of the night by use of a Message of Necessity by Gov. Cuomo, overriding the mandated three-day aging process of legislation before it is voted upon.

“The SAFE Act was one of the worst pieces of legislation I’ve ever seen as a state legislator,” Hawley said. “It was rushed through the legislative process under the cover of darkness and hidden from public criticism using a technique that is supposed to be reserved for emergencies.”

“Despite the problems with this legislation, it is important that gun owners adhere to the law and do not lose their pistol certifications,” Hawley continued. “We are seeing many local governments overburdened with paperwork, and they need more time to get the word out and ensure that law-abiding gun owner can comply with new regulations. I implore Gov. Cuomo to extend the deadline in light of these many concerns.”

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