Hawley says state should pare down Medicaid program instead of raising taxes

Posted 17 January 2018 at 9:36 am

Press Release, State Assemblyman Steve Hawley

State Assemblyman Steve Hawley, R-Batavia, released this statement on Tuesday about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal:

“The governor’s budget address seemed to hinge on two potentially devastating ideals today, more taxes and more spending even as we face a $4 billion budget shortfall.

“We spend over $160 billion in taxpayer money each year, and for the governor to proclaim that we cannot find ways to curb spending by eliminating many of these ‘optional’ Medicaid programs is disingenuous. We spend nearly $60 billion a year on Medicaid, more than Texas and Florida combined.

“While the governor continues to blame Washington for our problems, I will be focusing on what we can control here. This budget deficit of $4 to $6 billion is his responsibility resulting from the budget he signed into law last year – not Washington D.C.’s.

“I will remain focused on reducing our tax burden, making New York more business friendly, reforming our charitable gaming laws and repairing our crumbling infrastructure.”

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