Hawley says governor plans ‘oppressive’ fee hikes on drivers

Posted 6 February 2017 at 6:11 pm

Press Release, Assemblyman Steve Hawley

ALBION – Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R-Batavia) today spoke out against Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to raise state revenues by taxing New York’s drivers 50 percent more to obtain a certificate of title and 100 percent more to obtain a duplicate certificate of title on motor vehicles.

The governor has proposed this as part of his executive budget, with the additional revenues going to the Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund.

“This is another perfect example of the governor’s misguided and oppressive policies toward Upstate New York,” Hawley said. “These hefty tax increases might be tolerable if the money was put back into repairing the local roads, bridges and highways from which it was collected.

“But, we run the risk of much of the money being funneled down to Gov. Cuomo’s voter and donor base in New York City, which already spends tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer money on its infrastructure. Our citizens and businesses up here need their own vehicles to work and travel, and I will fight this tyrannical tax during budget negotiations this year.”

Hawley also welcomed the public to attend a town hall meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at  the Pavilion Library, 5 Woodrow Drive in Pavilion.

Hawley said he plans to discuss current news in Albany and how budget and legislative negotiations are shaping up.

“I am constantly reevaluating the needs and desires of my constituents in Western New York and strive to put their needs and desires at the forefront when pushing ideas and legislation in the Assembly,” Hawley said.

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