Hawley joins chorus of officials opposed to Lighthouse Wind

Staff Reports Posted 26 January 2016 at 12:00 am

YATES – State Assemblyman Steve Hawley today issued a statement that he is opposed to the proposed Lighthouse Wind, a project that could include up to 71 wind turbines in Yates and Somerset.

State Sen. Rob Ortt and Congressman Chris Collins also have opposed the project, and the Yates Town Board, Somerset Town Board, and Legislatures at Niagara, Orleans and Erie counties have all passed formal resolutions against the project.

The Yates Town Board went on the record Jan. 14, opposing the project by Apex Clean Energy.

“I will stand with the Town of Yates’ decision in opposition to the Apex Clean Energy Lighthouse, LLC project,” Hawley said in a statement this morning. “The town’s recently passed resolution is a perfect example of local government having complete autonomy over local issues. Local residents, leaders and elected officials know what’s best for their particular municipality, and I believe that is a cornerstone of good government. I have always been a strong advocate for local control and will support the Town of Yates in its decision.”

A siting board that will include five state officials and two representatives from the project area will review the proposal and have the final say. Many of the local officials have opposed the Article 10 process for siting the project, with a local board and zoning not being the ultimate factor in siting the project.