Hawley criticizes governor for secretive budget meetings

Posted 18 January 2017 at 4:20 pm

Press Release, Assemblyman Steve Hawley

Assemblyman Steve Hawley released this statement about the governor’s budget process:

“Just when you think Albany’s budget process couldn’t get any more secretive, dysfunctional and convoluted, Gov. Cuomo surprises us once again. In an apparent attempt to shield himself from criticism, the Governor locked himself in his mansion last night and toyed with legislators and the media before finally releasing his budget documents mere hours before the deadline.

“Albany has hit an all-time low in terms of transparency and open government as the governor continues to put his selfishness and political ambitions above good governance and responsibility.

“It was self-serving and politically motivated enough for the Governor to embark on a statewide publicity tour to spread his radical left-wing agenda aimed at a presidential run and to buy a multi-million dollar helicopter on our dime in the process.”

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