Hawley and staff thanked for leading Patriot Trip

Posted 23 September 2019 at 4:42 pm


I want to publicly thank Assemblyman Steve Hawley, his staff members Eileen Banker and Jayleen Carney, Eileen’s husband Dale Banker for a great and successful Patriot’s Trip to Washington, D. C. I also want to thank the bus drivers Mike Degaugh and Cory Duthoy for their mild-manner handling all the traffic conditions while being friendly and courteous to all passengers. Finally, a thank you to Jim Freas for all of his assistance.

We left the slow rolling hills of Genesee County, full of gently swaying corn fields, for the turbulent memories of war and conflict. The trip included too many stops to mention here. This was not just a trip to learn history, or to remember past heroes.

For me this was also a trip to remember men I knew, who fought next to me; men who died in my arms while a medic tried to save them. Remembering is not the word I want to use because I can never forget these scenes; they never leave me.

This trip served a therapeutic purpose, I got a sense of closure. Again, I want to thank Assemblyman Steve Hawley, his staff, the bus drivers and Jim Freas for a very successful trip.

William Fine