Hatefulness and gullibility to embrace lies undermining our democracy

Posted 28 April 2022 at 9:49 am


Republicans want freedom but we will have less freedom if they have their way.

The ruler in charge will give orders, can force us into war on a whim, stifle the press and free speech. It’s already happening within the Republican Party: intimidated representatives fearfully follow, without criticism, and push the Big Lie, even if they won on the same ballot.

New Age Republicans put no effort into winning elections on ideas and policy; instead, reject future presidential debate and obstruct to end democracy. Their behavior indicates desire to arrest the Jan. 6 Committee, ditch democracy and destroy public education. Social Security and Medicare, are listed in Rick Scott’s 11-point proposal, to be chopped, even though people want and depend on it. McConnell and others want this kept quiet.

A large percentage of Americans, unable to stand by their principles, are oblivious, gullible and conditioned to hate. In a study, Fox News viewers paid to watch CNN for a month and changed their thinking. After a month they went back to FNC. Our former president’s gullibility and hatefulness has hurt the interests of the US.

Yes, democracy is like a turtle, less efficient, deliberate, slow. Democracy is fairer, people decide who will rule, vote. We are less likely to go to war; democracy promotes political stability, accountability and openness keeps check on corruption.

In a democracy, rival groups have the freedom to expose mistakes and crimes, public demonstrations by discontented people serve as a safety valve reducing rioting, violence. Democracy offers citizens a sense of belonging and ownership as we participate in political processes. Education is the safeguard of democracy.

Patriotism is more than flag hugging. Real patriots, brave Ukrainians risk their lives for democracy. President Biden is a stable, coherent, unifying global leader, supporting our allies, crucial to national security. Biden doesn’t need glory; he is quietly fortifying democracy in America, using it once again to serve the people.

Democracy is meant to work for all, rich/poor, black/white/brown, one human race. Generosity is our ally; hate and fear are enemies that undermine democracy.

The life we take for granted may soon be gone.

Carol Nochajski