Hard work – not platitudes – has Holley making progress on several fronts

Posted 12 June 2018 at 5:22 pm


Let me do my best to respond to my challenger’s comments. First of all, personally, I think Holley is great already! However, just like all small communities, it is true that much work needs to be done to address a variety of issues. The good news is, we are currently on a path to do just that. With experienced leadership we can utilize the current approach combined with new ideas to address other areas in the Village, but this will take time.

If my opponent were to actually read my letter he would understand that what was said was that the creation of these projects and the improvements will make the village a better place to live and do business. This is a true statement…replacing about 1/3 of the Villages crumbling sidewalks and water infrastructure will absolutely help accomplish this. This is approximately $4.5 million worth of infrastructure improvements, a magnitude of projects not seen in this Village in recent history!

Further, revitalizing the old High school (conveniently left out of his comment letter) will absolutely help accomplish this as well. This $17 million project is a game-changer for our Village putting people from 41 apartments within walking distance of our square. This is truly a transformational project that will impact not only the Village but all the communities around us. These are the types of projects and real progress that encourage new businesses to invest here and that has been our consistent message.

These projects also show a commitment to our community. Putting forth projects as described above will create a climate where new businesses, or businesses looking to relocate, will look at Holley and say, this community is pressing forward and constantly improving and investing in themselves. This is what will bring business back downtown.

Does he disagree? Based on the concerns expressed in my opponent’s letter while considering we already have solutions to about 1/3 of the Village in motion, it would be logical to assume they would agree? (Should I take this as an endorsement from them…thanks, I guess??)

So then, my opponent claims to “want to turn this around.” My question to them is, turn what around exactly? Everything you state you want to do during your “infrastructure phase” are things we are already in the process of doing. So again, what needs to be turned around? It simply seems my opponent and his team claim to want to do what we have already been doing. Yet somehow they want to address “ALL” of our curbs and sidewalks, (which is a very big promise by the way), by going in some different direction, and somehow do it better and at no cost? Oh yeah, and also they have a “results-driven, solution-oriented team” that is accountable to the taxpayers. Where is the evidence or plan to back up these claims? How can you make these claims when none of you have been to a board meeting, particularly our recent budget meetings? If you are going to make promises, how can you do that without knowing how much money there is to work with? Now is not the time for platitudes and shallow campaign promises, there is serious business going on here. Now is the time for experienced leadership, those that are truly dedicated to these efforts. These claims and promises are mind-boggling to me.

I would encourage all interested voters to come to the Candidate Forum on June 13, and I hope someone asks the simple question of HOW? to Mr. O’Mara.

I have repeatedly described how I believe we are heading in the right direction given our current progress. Is everything perfect, no absolutely not….We have much more work to do! What we have done so far is just the beginning….we have the experience, dedication, and commitment to Continue the Progress!

Please Vote June 19th to re-elect Sorochty – Mayor, Nenni – Trustee, Lynch – Trustee!

Thank You!

Brian J Sorochty

Mayor Village of Holley