Orleans County YMCA Happenings

Contributed Story Posted 2 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Summer Sand Volleyball

This week in sand volleyball, teams braced the harsh conditions and toughed it out to play their games. The first match up of the night saw I’d Hit That take on Bump + Grind in a one sided set. From the get go I’d Hit That took control of all aspect of the game. They dominated the other team with precise teamwork and perfect execution. Bump + Grind athleticism was able to sneak them a few points but the combined volleyball skill of I’d Hit That was too much for these newcomers as they breezed to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-42.

In our next match Bridget’s Bashers took on BPH Custom Patios. Bridgets struggled early on, but kept both games close. The third game of this match was the thrilling one. After losing the first two Bridget’s battled hard against BPH. Jamie Glass came through in the clutch, throwing down an earth shattering spike to win the game 28-26. It was a great win for the team despite losing 2-1 with a score of 76-64.

The last night of the match was an exciting one. How I Set Your Mother took on Peanut Butter Cups. The Welker boys were in fine form as they smashed absurd amount of balls towards the opposing defense. Despite their height and ability, the hero of the match was Austin Bane. With his cannon of an arm, Austin was hitting spikes as fast as lighting. The opposing team couldn’t even react to the ferocity of the spikes. Game one How I Set Your Mother squeaking out at the victory 30-28. Peanut Butter Cups came back with solid play, by finding the spots open to get their easy points. They couldn’t hold it together for games two and three as “Bane” destroyed him like he did Batman. The final result was How I Set Your Mother taking the match 2-1 with score of 73-72.

Moving over to our C division the only match this week was Watch it Drop against Huck It. The first two games of this match were very close. Adam Graff was a force with his on point jump severe. Graff strung together great serves to lead his team to victory in the first two games. Huck It wasn’t prepared to get 3-0. They came out swinging game threw literally. Huck it was throwing down spikes as they breezed to 25-13 win but it was Watch it Drop that won the match 2-1 with a score of 68-63.

Lastly in our A division Froman Ink took on SWAT Team. Dan Ward led Froman Ink this week. Having great all around play. Picking his spots all at the right time to get his team valuable points. Marie Phillips was a marvel for SWAT Team throwing beautiful sets up for her teammates to send right back down. Both of these teams looked evenly matched but Froman Ink was able to squeak the first two games by less than 5 points. SWAT Team just couldn’t put it together this week as they were swept as they were swept 3-0 with a score of 75-59.

Summer Camp

This week in our summer camp, it was Party in the U.S.A week. The patriotism was everywhere, from being waved around and all of our kids were decked out in red, white, and blue. Even our consolers joined in the fun and all wore American flag bandanas to show their support. One even tied a flag around him and used it as a cape. In our arts and craft project this week, all the kids decided to replicate the USA flag by finger paint. Carlos and Alex Doval loved it so much they decided to paint themselves in support.