Orleans County YMCA Happenings

Contributed Story Posted 9 May 2014 at 12:00 am

Spring Indoor Volleyball

In our championship edition of our spring indoor volleyball, champions were crowned as each division’s final got underway. It was thrilling week, full of great competition and exciting play from everyone.

Starting off with our C division, defending champs Set on The Beach took on regular season champions Main Liquor. This was a great match as Gary Moore was on point, throwing down spikes like an enraged gorilla. Mother and son Sue and Jake Miller had great passing to set up their teammates for some crushing kills. Beach was resilient as they battled from an 11-3 deficit to take the first game 28-26. With their backs against the wall Main Liquor came out strong and was able to take game two with a decisive 25-18 victory.

In a fitting fashion it all came down to a final game 3. Both teams gave it their all, Set on The Beach tried their hardest to stay in the game but the magic just wasn’t there as Main Liquor was victorious, taking the match and the championship 2-1 with a score of 76-63.

Onto our B division where number one seed Victorious Secret took on their archrival Eddie’s Block Party. These teams have met three straight times in the playoffs with Secret taking the first two. Eddie’s Block Party was looking for revenge. In game one Riley Welker came out strong and threw down some devastating spikes. Eddie Bower also kept Secret on their toes with graceful tips that just reached passed the opposing teams blocking. They kept this going to win game one 25-22.

Victorious Secret shook off game one and rocked Eddie’s Block Party in game two. Every spike from the trio of James Tee, Ryan Stephens and Aaron Ward was on point, despite diving plays from Jen Slack and Zack Welker. Secret was just too much in game two, taking it 25-16.

With history repeating itself, it all came down to a game three. Sam Squared came out roaring with Sam Roskowski delivering beautiful sets to Sam Skryp for powerful slams. Katie Graff and Marty Slack had a great connection to even the score at 10. However, Victorious Secret wouldn’t be denied as they pressed forward and won game three and won their first championship 25-17.

Moving on to our top division, our A division showed off their power and skill. Number one seed Zacher Construction took on number two seed SWAT Team. Zacher was trying to finish off their undefeated season but SWAT Team had other things in mind.

The match started out with each team stringing together a nice run of points until Ben Wadhams took over and jump served 8 straight points. The lead was too large for SWAT after that as Zacher took the first game 25-15.

SWAT, not wanting to get swept, came out in game two strong. Steve Crane and Zach Beecher had some ridiculous slams that no one was getting a hand on. Zacher was able to weather the storm and then let loose their own barrage of spikes, led by Sarah Martin and Loyd Denniston That finished off SWAT Team with Zacher taking the match and championship 2-0 with a score 50-34.

Youth Soccer

t was an amazing week in our youth soccer program. In our youngest group, our 4-6 year old played hard and played tough. Brothers Luca and Landon Allis were a dynamic duo giving incredible passes and setting each other up for goals. Dion Cheatham made dazzling moves. gracefully dribbling around his opponents and leading to his teams 4-0 victory.

In our 7-9 group Amari Soule was running rampant on the opposing team. stealing the ball like a thief in the night. Soule delicately stepped in front of loose balls to snag them. He also helped by giving pin point passes to Samuel Arellono and Finn Hamner for stunning goals. The game ended in Soule’s favor with a 6-3 victory.

Finally in our 10-12 group Arella Biesinger was a monster on defense, stopping the opposing team in their tracks and not letting them even get remotely close to the goal. Scoring was led by Miya Troidl and Cole Smith. Both of them lead their respective team with 3 goals each. Aidan Smith was the deciding factor in the game, playing a solid overall game, with two assists and two goals.