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Contributed Story Posted 12 June 2014 at 12:00 am

Contributed Photo – Andre Kinder serves up a point during YMCA Summer Sand Volleyball League action.

Summer Sand Volleyball

Volleyball is back! It all begins again as new and old teams got their season underway this week. All three divisions were back in action.

Starting off with our C division Watch It Drop, formally known as Misfits, took on newcomer Just Huck It. The first game was a close one but Carissa Streams had some solid play to help Drop to its first victory of the season. Streams had a one-handed save that ended up with her eating sand. Emily Oakes of Huck It highlighted game two with diving plays into the sand, not being afraid to get a little dirty. Her play was fantastic but wasn’t enough as Watch It Drop took game two. Huck It buckled down and took it to them in game three, sealing their first win with a 25-13 blowout, but losing the overall match 2-1 with a score of 68-63.

In our second match of the night defending C division Growmark FS took on Mundion-Watts. Growmark showed their dominance by taking a 10-0 lead at the start of game one. Mundion-Watts battled back but it wasn’t enough as they fell 25-20 in game one. Mundion Watts regrouped and destroyed Growmark 25-9 in game two. It all came down to a thrilling game three. Andy Watts highlighted the game, making incredible diving saves to keep his team from falling. With the game all tied up 24 to 24, Matt Mundion slammed two mind-rattling spikes into the opposing team, for a 26-24 victory. Mundion was on fire, running around the court and chattering like a gorilla. With the win Mundion-Watts took the match 2-1 with a score of 71-58.

Moving on to our B division, Bump + Grind took on BPH Custom Patios. Game one was a back and forth battle. B+G were able to take the close game thanks to the marvelous athleticism of Alex Rodriguez and Brooks Boyle. Both were darting around the court getting to every ball, frustrating the other team. BPH’s captain Brain Howell pulled out a jump serve to save his team but the combined athleticism of Bump + Grind led to 3-0 victory with a score of 75-51. That win also pushed them into first place.

In our second match up of the night old guard Bridget’s Bashers took on one of our new teams How I Set Your Mother. Bashers looked dominate through the first part of game one but with a late game collapse and an amazing effort by team captain Ryan Bailey, HISYM was able to steal game one 26-24. Bashers lost all their momentum after that, as they dropped the next two games losing the set 3-0 with a score of 76-55.

In our last game of the night I’d Hit That took on Peanut Butter Cups. Zack Welker of Peanut Butter Cups was in control game one as they took it 25-13 with ease. I’d Hit That would not go away that easily, as they battled back and forth in game two. With I’d Hit That in the lead 25-24 Jenna Carpenter crushed a ball that just nipped the corner for the win. After that I’d Hit That made quick work in game three winning the game and match 2-1 with score of 65-60.

Finally in our A division Sweaty Bears took on Froman Ink in the first game of their double header. The game was highlighted by the surprise appearance of Sam Roskowski playing a full game in a dress. Her fearlessness wasn’t enough to propel Bears to a victory, as Froman Ink took the match 3-0 with 75-46 score. Ben Wadhams was on fire, crushing ridiculous balls with pinpoint precision.

The Bears second match of the night they took on SWAT Team. Bears had another rough set of games as Adam Tower and Zach Beecher were on point with their combination of power and skill. Bears tried to keep it close but were already tired from their first game, they just didn’t have anything left in the tank as SWAT Team steam rolled them 3-0 with a score of 75-50.