Hanlon has long shown dedication and expertise in many roles of public service

Posted 28 October 2020 at 8:11 am


As another major election is drawing near, I have come to reflect upon the division generated among us. I often wonder why each election year creates an environment where we feel individually attacked and divided from family and friends due to differing viewpoints.

We teach children in schools to be respectful, compassionate and receptive to their peers because we believe these are the traits that will make them successful. We believe in practicing what you preach and leading by example; however, we have created a society that deems it acceptable to discredit another individual’s accomplishments in order to achieve their goals.

I have now witnessed this first hand as my mother, Nadine Hanlon, has maintained a campaign with integrity and respect for her opponent while they work to discredit her experience and all the hours she has put forth to serve her community. It saddens me to watch these actions take place, and I refuse to stay silent while others attack the experience and hard-working character of my mother. I am here to tell you why I believe Nadine Hanlon is highly qualified for the Orleans County Clerk’s position and to provide you with a little experiential history.

Before starting a family, my mother worked as a Legal Assistant for the Department of Social Services for 5 years upon graduating from the National Paralegal Academy. She then used her legal skills working in the Real Estate Owned Department as a Deficiency Judgement Analyst at Dime/Washington Mutual. She worked with large law firms across New York State to recover large sums of money during bank foreclosures and recovery actions.

My mother comes from a history of public service, which has allowed her to see firsthand the impact that effective leadership has on a community. My grandfather, Michael Paduchak, served 32 years as Kendall Town Supervisor, 40 years on the Orleans County Community Action Board and over 50 years as a volunteer at the Kendall Fire Department. He inspired my mother to donate much of her time back to the same community and run for public office.

It was 23 years ago, while she was 9 months pregnant with me, when she ran for her first public office position as Kendall Town Clerk. She won just days after giving birth to me. For the 9 years that she served as Kendall Town Clerk, she was also the Registrar of Vital Records, Records Management Officer, and Tax Collector, successfully maintaining accurate records before submitting them to local officials.

From there she went on to become the Clerk of the Legislature, a position which she has held for the past 14 years, and during which she has also served as treasurer for 12 years on the New York State Association of Clerks of County Legislative Boards. She has created positive working relationships with all the County Department Heads and managerial employees to be able to effectively complete assignments as a team.

She also works diligently to oversee various tasks to ensure that everything adheres to the administrative operations and that projects are completed within strict deadlines. Through this she has been able to fulfill not only the expectations of the community that she serves, but also the local officials that continue to advocate for our community at state and federal levels.

While her work experience is extensive, the multiple boards and organizations that she has donated her free time to outside of the office speak volumes as well. I am proud of all her accomplishments and the work ethic that she demonstrates on a daily basis as she continues to serve our community in all ways possible. Although she offers a different perspective and background, she has the leadership skills needed to make operations run efficiently within the Office of the Orleans County Clerk. She has proven her commitment to the residents of Orleans County and will continue to do so with the utmost respect if you vote for her to be the Orleans County Clerk.

Marisa Hanlon


“Proud Daughter of Nadine P. Hanlon”