Guys and Dolls take stage in Lyndonville/Medina musical

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 11 March 2016 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

LYNDONVILLE – Thomas Follman, right, plays Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Leif Isaacson is Benny Southstreet, both gamblers, in Guys and Dolls.

A cast of 53 students from Medina and Lyndonville will perform the musical today at 7:30, Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2 p.m. All of the performances are at Lyndonville’s Stroyan Auditorium.

Jennifer Trupo is director of the musical. She said the cast includes several strong male leads.

“There is a great crop of guys this year and this is a guy-heavy show,” she said.

Lyndonville-Medina also performed shows with fairy tale characters the previous two years with Shrek and Into the Woods. “This time they can play regular people,” Trupo said.

Salma Huzair plays Sarah Brown and Joseph Mangiola is Sky Masterson. Huzair’s character leads the Save-a-Soul Mission, trying to get sinners to repent. Sky initially wooed Sarah in a bet, but the two develop genuine affection for each other.

Some of the gamblers are pictured during a dress rehearsal on Thursday. The musical is set in the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Cora Payne plays the lead role of Miss Adelaide and Abel Zavitz is Nathan Detroit. The two have been engaged for 14 years. Nathan runs an illegal crap game. Brian Cunningham plays the gambler, Big Jule.

These gangsters include, from left: Brian Cunningham as Big Jule, Thomas Bummer as Harry the Horse, and Devon Allen as Lt. Brannigan.

William Bellan portrays Arvide Abernathy, Sarah Brown’s grandfather and a bass drum player. He is a member of the Save-a-Soul Mission.

Hot Box Dolls include, from left: Grace Masse, Shelby Green and Cora Payne.