Group has a rule: ‘Have fun’

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 20 February 2014 at 12:00 am

Red Hat Society are regulars at local restaurants

Photo by Tom Rivers

GAINES – The Red Hat Society was out on the town again today, this time stopping at The Village Inn for lunch.

The group includes about 20 members who live in the Medina area. They call themselves “The Apple Dumplings.”

They go out at least once a month, wearing red hats and purple clothing. They may go shopping or out to eat. (The group also is open to members younger than 50, but they have to wear pink hats and lavender-colored clothing.)

Shirley Amos pushed to start the group about 15 years ago. Amos, 84, died on Dec. 4. She was the group’s leader, the “Queen Mother.” She loved the color red and even had a red coffin at her funeral, her friends said.

The group insists on the dress code and one other criteria: “Have fun.”