Group appreciates good care for dogwood trees in Albion

Posted 17 May 2024 at 5:59 pm


The Albion Betterment Committee believes this may be a good time to thank Village of Albion residents for accepting white dogwoods many years ago.

The trees were looking magnificent this past week as they showed off their gorgeous flowers. Those blossoms will be followed by stunning red berries that are coveted by many native birds.

We thank all those property owners who have taken care to prune the trees appropriately as well. Very few of the small to medium-sized trees have been left with short, ugly stumps when unwanted branches have been removed.  Cutting such limbs back to larger stems allows the trees to heal and helps assure good health.

For residents who missed out when local teens helped put about forty of the trees in years ago, we say, “Better luck next time.”

Very truly yours,

Gary Kent on behalf of Albion Betterment Committee Board of Directors