Green Light Bill leaves tangled mess for county clerks, while immigration laws ignored

Posted 22 December 2019 at 9:23 am


In response to Mr. William Fine’s critique of my letter dated December 19, I politely suggest he consider the following:

“I am not sure what he means by licenses in New York State are not recognized federally.” This is simply a reiteration of your own statement of December 16. “Licenses issued under the Green Light Law will say ‘Not for Federal Purposes.’ They can not be used to register to vote, for passports or for benefits.”

“I suggest Mr. Harker ask the DMV officials why they are not prepared.” I instead ask why democratically controlled Albany passed a law that the responsible State Department finds ambiguous. I recollect but one other example: the “SAFE” Act, also passed by Democrats. County clerks are trying to de-tangle that mess to this day.

“The New York Times reported (3/18/19): ‘It has long been an open secret in upstate New York that the dairy industry has been able to survive only by relying on undocumented immigrants for its work force.’ Mr. Mike MaMahon, a dairy farmer from central New York, told the Times, ‘There are people out there who just say, “Send them all back and build a wall.” But they would be facing empty shelves in the grocery store if that were to happen.’” This is correct. And our store shelves stayed stocked without illegal immigrants being granted the privilege to drive. Why would that change? Immigration laws may need to be changed, but certainly not ignored.

“Undocumented (in his words illegal) immigrants.” If someone is in our country without the proper legal documentation are they not, by definition, here illegally? I’m quite sure Mr. Conrad Cropsey will put forth his knowledgeable (albeit biased) opinion. That is not to insult Mr. Cropsey. I am biased as well – just in the opposite direction.

In closing, it is quite obvious that Mr. Fine’s and my views differ greatly. As no amount of debate will likely change the other’s mind, I will not be responding further.

I wish Mr. Fine, his loved ones, and all readers of the Hub a very Merry Christmas season.

Bob Harker