Grease pole proves a slippery challenge

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 31 July 2015 at 12:00 am

Only 2 of 4 teams can make it to the top

Photos by Tom Rivers

KNOWLESVILLE – Alex Graff is up on Nic Elliott’s shoulders as the team, Rough N Ready, tries to climb the grease pole on Thursday night at the Orleans County 4-H Fair.

The team wasn’t able to pull off the challenge. Four teams tried it, but only two made it.

“It’s slippery up there,” Graff said.

Brad Driesel of Rough N Ready gets close to the top. Before he could get there, the bottom of the team started to give out. A nearly full moon shows in this photo.

The A Team makes it to the top of the pole as a crowd of several hundred people gather at 10 p.m. to close out the fair. The A Team completed the challenge in 1 minute, 1 second. That was good for second place on Thursday.

Lusciously Lube was the fastest team on Thursday. They climbed the pole in 38.32 seconds.

Devan Freeman of Medina is on top of the grease pole for Lusciously Lube with Ben Martin second from the top, and Mike Murphy third from the top.

Many of the team members are from Medina. Some of them tried it last year and couldn’t get to the top.

“We didn’t make it last year so this was a redemption thing,” Ben Martin said.

Lusciously Lube advances to the finals on Saturday night.