Grapplers extend streak to 4 grease pole crowns

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 27 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

KNOWLESVILLE – Jed Platt of Appleton, dressed in a turtle outfit, slips down on the grease pole with teammates Royal Snyder of Lyndonville, right, and Elliott Perkins of Barker. The team, Udder Suckers Reloaded, wasn’t able to get to the top of the grease pole during Saturday’s competition.

The Grease Grapplers, a team made up of guys from Albion and Lyndonville, extended their grease pole titles to 4 after climbing the pole in 16.06 seconds, their fastest time in any championship road. In this photo Tyler Palmer is headed to the top of the pole, with Jesse Follman the next man up with Andy Follman below.

The Grease Grapplers sprint to the pole after the starting horn is sounded. The team includes Jordan Mufford, Phil Panek, Joe Smith, Josh Smith, Dutch Smith, Andy Follman, Jesse Follman and Tyler Palmer.

Mufford helped form the team in 2011 when it took its first title. The secret to the Grapplers’ success: “Communication and good teamwork,” Mufford said.

Most of the team put crosses made out of duct tape on their shirts. Most of the Grapplers attend a Bible study at the Oak Orchard Assembly of God on Ridge Road in Medina.

The Grapplers have an enthusiastic cheering section.

The Troll Diggers, a new team from Hamlin, finished a close second to the Grapplers with a time of 19.18 seconds. In this photo, Andrew Jones is on top, followed by Jeff Ebel and then Isaiah Jenks.

Sam Remley, the only man on the BB Queens, slides down the pole after reaching the top. The BB Queens finished third with a time of 29 seconds.

Jeremy Neal, one of the grease pole chairmen, tells the rules of the contest to the BB Queens.

State Assemblyman Steve Hawley, right, attended the championships and congratulated all of the teams, while praising the Cornell Cooperative Extension and the fans for supporting the contest. Barry Flansburg, left, serves as emcee for the event.

Puddles of grease landed all over the grounds near the grease pole.