Grants available to fund historical markers along canal

Posted 8 September 2021 at 2:08 pm

Press Release, William G. Pomeroy Foundation

File photo by Tom Rivers: This historic marker acknowledges a horrific day in Albion’s history when a bridge collapsed on the Erie Canal on Sept. 28, 1859. There were about 250 people gathered on the Main Street bridge over the canal to watch a wire walker cross the canal. The bridge collapsed, killing 15 people. There were 11 children among the dead.

SYRACUSE – The William G. Pomeroy Foundation has announced the newest grant round of its Historic Transportation Canals Marker Grant Program, opening Tuesday, September 7.

This program commemorates the historical significance of transportation canals in the United States with roadside markers.

“Historically, transportation canals have played a significant role in development and commerce across the country,” shared Deryn Pomeroy, Director of Strategic Initiatives of the Pomeroy Foundation. “This marker program is an opportunity to put the spotlight on these important historic waterways. Markers help educate the public, encourage pride of place, and promote economic activity.”

Canal markers must be installed near an existing or former canal site and recognize a historical fact that occurred more than 50 years before the year of the grant application, which is currently 1971.

Canal marker grants are available to 501(c)(3) organizations, nonprofit academic institutions, and local, state, and federal government entities within the United States. Grant funding includes the total cost of a marker, pole, and shipping.

Those interested in applying for a marker grant should submit an online Letter of Intent by Monday, October 18. The grant application deadline is Friday, November 19. To learn more about the Historic Transportation Canals Marker Program or to apply online, click here.