Grandmother seems on mend and may be back on 3-wheeled bike in Albion

Posted 9 May 2024 at 11:02 am


In a follow-up from a letter to the editor from April 14, my mother who is grandmother at age 72, survived a very scary health battle involving endocarditis. At first it was believed to be sepsis. They doctors checked her heart and discovered the endocarditis.

She also found out that it had damaged her atrial valve in her heart. Doctors also discovered she need double-coronary bypass surgery.

My mom had open heart surgery April 23 to fix the damaged atrial valve and had double-coronary bypass surgery. It went very well. She is also currently on antibiotics for the endocarditis.

My mom was transferred to Medina Memorial on May 6 to begin short-term rehab which in her words was the next best thing to be closer to home. The good news afterwards she  was able to finally see her grandson later on that day after almost a month of being away in Rochester. That brought some real joy and happiness to both of them – there are no words to describe how I felt seeing it.

Her grandson got to visit her again last night and he couldn’t have been happier. She’s starting PT and OT to help her get mobile again!

There are no words to describe the will and fight my mom has in her, like I’ve said in the past she is a two-time breast cancer survivor,  dealt with rheumatoid arthritis that had severely crippled her hands and her feet and other areas.

She also had surgery this very same week last year for a crippling hiatal hernia that also was  severe. She’s had so much happen and she just keeps going. I wouldn’t be surprised you might witness her soon on her three-wheeled bike trying to ride around town!

Lastly to anyone had read or seen my previous article about the warrior that is my mother and sent all their thoughts and prayers to her during this difficult time, thank you. She is healing and will be home hopefully soon to be with her family and her grandson that loves her deeply.

Aaron Vosburgh