Governor’s tyrannical Covid restrictions never should have been in place

Posted 18 June 2021 at 11:29 am


Fireworks were launched into the sky and state landmarks lit up in blue and gold to celebrate the high rate of vaccinations against Covid-19 and the accompanying removal of most restrictions.

Hold on. What are we celebrating? Are we really cheering about His Majesty, King Cuomo, returning the freedoms he stole from us by the grace of his generosity? While it’s fantastic that infection and death rates are plummeting, we need to remember that the tyrannical restrictions put in place needlessly destroyed thousands of livelihoods and should never have been ordered in the first place.

King Cuomo had no right to tell any of us whether our jobs were essential or decide who was allowed to work – all jobs are essential. He likewise had no right to force businesses to close or put the entire state in lockdown. Even if he did, the science is clear: these measures didn’t work! Masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work, social distancing doesn’t work – none of it works!

Cuomo himself reported last summer that most new infections in New York City afflicted those who stayed home, not people who continued to work outside their dwellings.

Let’s not forget that Cuomo also caused the deaths of elderly nursing home residents by forcing infected patients upon them, then tried to hide what he did by fudging the numbers.

Let’s also not forget that we can’t blame Cuomo 100 percent for these travesties;  Democractic and Republican lawmakers in Albany, including Colin Schmitt, Jonathan Jacobson, James Skoufis, and Karl Brabenec, held hands and abdicated their responsibility to legislate by giving Cuomo unlimited powers to handle the Covid crisis however he saw fit. They too, are responsible.

Our celebration of the removal of restrictions that should never have been put into place by the man who enacted them is frankly absurd.

We should be relieved that we can get back to normal, but I’ll celebrate when that parasitic tyrant Andrew Cuomo is booted from his throne.

Chase Tkach


Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orleans County