Governor’s many executive orders are path to communist dictatorship

Posted 6 July 2020 at 1:11 pm


In 1776, brave American patriots formed a new government and declared their freedom and independence  from the oppressive rule of a tyrannical ruler and despot, the King of England.

Now in 2020, New York residents again find themselves under the oppressive tyrannical rule of a man who has declared himself king, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The issues are the same: denial of personal rights, arbitrary rules made and changed at the drop of a hat, altering or deleting laws enacted by a duly elected legislature, usurping the rule of law to suit his own personal socialist agenda, elimination of liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. and  New York State Constitutions, denying citizens’ rights to gainful employment to support our families, suppressing free speech and due process of law, shutting down schools and churches while keeping open abortion clinics and liquor stores, and requiring lock-step obedience to draconian Executive Orders which are unconstitutional, illegal and  arbitrary.

The governor’s mandate to wear masks/face coverings is simply designed to be a symbol of total control over the populace. It is a trial run for imposing absolute socialist control over a society as a means of advancing a “progressive” agenda which will have the result of ending our constitutional form of democracy (remember soviet Russia?).

It is time for New York State residents to say “enough is enough!” Duly elected local school boards have passed budgets and have the support of their residents – Open the schools and stop wasting time waiting for the governor’s instructions, which do not seem forthcoming anyway since the plan appears to be keeping students home and utilizing tele-learning. Let the kids back outside to play and go back to work! Open your churches completely without interference from the government. Whatever happened to “separation of church and state?” People have the ability to use common sense – if you are sick, stay home, just as we always have in other situations. The only way to stop this madness and end the power and control trip of a dictator is to stand up and say “No more!”

What is it going to be? We are free Americans, let’s take our freedoms back!

Read the Constitution, “We the People” are still in charge. To let this go is to open the door to a communist dictatorship.

Wayne Lemcke