Governor shows disdain for upstate with Covid-19 testing focus on NYC

Posted 21 April 2020 at 9:59 am


Governor Cuomo’s disdain for upstate/western NYers has never been so evident as in his coronavirus update of 4/20/2020.

He calls for the federal government to provide a “50% bonus” to essential workers – 50% of what, Mr. Cuomo? Since the majority of these essential workers are state employees, does the state not hold that obligation? Maybe New York could have used the millions of dollars you have wasted in ill thought-out programs that never bore fruit.

The rest of his proposals are targeted specifically to downstate.

Coronavirus testing for NYC public housing residents. None for upstate. Upstate first responders, doctors, nurses, and hospital/nursing home staff apparently don’t matter to “our” governor. They are having an extremely hard getting tested. In reality the same goes for cloth masks and hand sanitizer. He says for public housing in general, but the number of items available for distribution will not allow for that. There will be 400,000 masks made available. There are more than 400,000 residents in NYC Housing Authority’s 326 public housing developments.

The creation of a task force to “improve systems in downstate NY once the state is no longer on PAUSE.” Again, we lose out. But as always, we will pay for it.

And upstate Democrats continue to vote for him. I honestly do not understand that.

Bob Harker