Governor should work to reduce New York’s budget rather than faulting GOP Tax Plan

Posted 13 November 2017 at 4:03 pm


There is a simple answer to Governor Cuomo concern over the impact of New York taxpayers with the GOP Tax Plan. Reduce your spending.

Why should New York’s budget be $70 billion more than Texas or Florida? Both states are larger in size and population. Divide that number by 236,000 New York taxpayers and see how much we could save.

Tax exempt private activity bonds will be less attractive with a reduction in the corporate and individual tax rates being proposed. These bonds will still be in demand, the effective rate may not be as attractive. Our Governor just doesn’t get it.

Corporations are leaving the United States operating in countries which have a reduced tax burden. The same reason New York state is losing population to states which don’t overtax their residents. Our youth are leaving this state an alarming rate because the jobs are not here.

Reducing the tax burden will free up capital to expand business in the states. His corporate job growth plans include the Riverbend project which has produced how may new jobs?

Ed Urbanik