Governor directs 100% of employees, excluding essential services, to stay home

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 20 March 2020 at 12:14 pm

Executive order takes effect Sunday

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued an executive order for 100 percent of employees to either work from home or stay at their residence and not work.

This does not include essential services such as shipping, law enforcement, cleaners and janitors, media, warehousing, grocery and food production, pharmacies, healthcare providers, utilities, banks and related financial institutions and other industries critical to the supply chain. (Click here to see the list of essential services.)

The governor made the announcement at 11 a.m. today. He also shared the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is at 7,102 in the state, up from 4,152 on Thursday. So far, 32,427 people have been tested in New York.

Cuomo is pressing hospitals to increase the number of hospital beds and he is working to get more ventilators in the state as he expects the number of coronavirus cases to rise, with more people afflicted with respiratory infection.

“We’re all in quarantine right now,” he said during a news conference today in Albany.

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