Governor bears blame for state budget shortfall, not federal policies

Posted 5 February 2019 at 8:17 pm


Andrew Cuomo is blaming federal tax policies for the potential 2019 budget shortfall. Evidently the taxpayers which have to foot this tax bill are leaving the state.

One has to compare the New York State budget to those of two larger states. Florida is projected to spend  $88.7 billion and Texas $108.4 billion. New York State will spend $175.1 billion.

Cuomo should review his own costs to operate this state before pointing the finger elsewhere. This migration of taxpayers out of state started long before federal tax law change. This is just an excuse to lay blame elsewhere.

Cuomo and his progressive ideology own this problem 100 percent. Those taxpayers forced to accept these policies, small in number, are voting by taking their residency and wealth elsewhere.

Edward Urbanik