Governor announces no construction on state highways over Labor Day weekend

Posted 30 August 2017 at 12:51 pm

Press Release, Gov. Cuomo’s Office

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that lane closures for road and bridge construction projects on New York highways will be suspended beginning Friday, Sept. 1, at 6 a.m. until Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 6 a.m.

To accommodate travelers during the busy Labor Day holiday weekend, most construction projects will be suspended, but some work may continue behind permanent concrete barriers or for emergency repairs. Governor Cuomo also urged motorists to abide by New York’s Move Over Law and utilize one of 64 text stops located across the state for texting, making phone calls and other non-driving activities.

“As we approach the busy holiday weekend, we are taking every step we can to ease congestion and help ensure motorists are able to get where they need to go with as little delay as possible,” Governor Cuomo said. “As we suspend construction-related lane closures across the state, I urge all drivers this Labor Day weekend to keep their eyes on the road, move over for emergency vehicles and utilize one of New York’s many Text Stops when necessary.”

The construction suspension supports Governor Cuomo’s Drivers First program, which prioritizes the convenience of motorists to minimize traffic congestion and travel delays due to road and bridge work.

Some work may continue behind permanent concrete barriers or for emergency repairs and there will be slight variations for certain Thruway projects based on previous traffic volume. A detailed schedule of Thruway lane closures throughout the holiday weekend is available by clicking here.

Travelers are also reminded that New York’s Move Over Law requires motorists to drive with care, slow down, and safely move over when approaching law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, and construction or maintenance vehicles that are stopped along roads across the state. The law was enacted in 2011 to protect emergency responders working along the roadside and was expanded in 2012 to protect road construction crews working along the road.

Text stops, including park-and-ride facilities, rest stops and parking areas along state highways and the New York State Thruway, support the state’s efforts to reduce distracted driving. All text stops will remain open, providing a location where drivers can safely and conveniently use their phones and other mobile devices for calling, texting, navigating and accessing mobile apps. Texting while driving is especially dangerous, as it requires motorists to take their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel and mind off driving.

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