GOP leaders make push to get out the vote and ‘Save Our State’

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 1 November 2020 at 7:19 pm

‘The message is clear. We need to restore balance to New York State government.’ – NYS GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy

Photos by Tom Rivers

ALBION – Nick Langworthy, chairman of the New York State Republican Party, leads a get out the vote rally this morning at Bentley Brothers in Albion.

The State Republican Party has taken this bus all over the state in the past week.

Langworthy has been traveling the state the past week, going to New York Coty, Long Island, the North Country, Hudson Valley, Central New York and the Southern Tier. This weekend, he brought a “Back the Blue” and “Save Our State” bus to Western New York, including a stop this morning in Albion and then in Warsaw.

Langworthy urged Republicans to send a strong message of support for the re-election of Donald Trump. Langworthy said the state has taken a hard turn towards liberal Democrat policies in the past two years, after the State Senate became under Democratic Party control.

The Demcorats in the State Legislature haven’t stood up to the governor, Langworthy said, allowing him to impose executive orders that are unchecked by the Legislature.

“The governor is drunk on power,” Landworthy said.

After the election this week, he said the State GOP will begin working on defeating Andrew Cuomo as governor in 2022.

“The only way we can change New York is to change the governor,” Langworthy said.

Congressman Chris Jacobs is seeking re-election to a full two-year term. He again faces challenger Nate McMurray, a Democrat, and also Duane Whitmer, a Libertarian.

Jacobs has proven to be a strong ally to President Trump, Langworthy said. The state chairman praised the president for fueling a strong economy that will come back stronger under his leadership.

Jacobs said he supports the “Back the Blue” message promoted around the state by the Republicans.

“We are the law enforcement party,” he said.

Jacobs, in his remarks in the morning drizzle, said he advocated to be on the Agriculture Committee in the House. He wants to use that role to advocate for agriculture and turn it into a bigger economic driver for the region.

Jacobs also said he will press Cuomo to release federal CARES funding that is targeted to assist local governments with their costs in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The governor is hoarding that money,” Jacobs said.

Langworthy said there will clearly be a big turnout in the election and he sees that as helping Jacobs win re-election. The 27th Congressional District is the most Republican-leaning in the state.

Republicans have a sizable edge in registered voters in the 8-county district – 194,901 compared to 153,511 Democrats. There are also 13,957 registered members of the Conservative Party, 27,197 members of the Independence Party and 108,589 “blanks” or unaffiliated voters.

“I really look forward to beating Nate McMurray one more time,” Jacobs said.

State Assemblyman Michael Norris of Lockport is unopposed in the 144th Assembly District which includes Shelby in Orleans, and part of Niagara and Erie counties.

Norris said legislators from downstate have grown more powerful in the State Capital in the past two years and have imposed overtime regulations on agriculture that makes New York much less competitive than in other states and will push farmworkers to other states where they can get more hours.

Albany’s criminal justice reforms have changed law enforcement and the judicial process in the state.

“Cashless bail has completely made our state less safe,” Norris said.

He urged voters to send Assemblyman Steve Hawley back to Albany. He represents the 139thDistrict which includes most of Orleans, all of Genesee and part of western Monroe. Hawley is opposed by Mark Glogowski, a Libertarian Party candidate from Hamlin.

Norris said he is concerned the State Senate could go 2 to 1 Democrats over Republicans, giving Democrats a supermajority. State Senator Rob Ortt leads the Republicans in the State Senate. He is unopposed this election in a district that includes Orleans, Niagara and part of Monroe counties.

Norris said the state is headed in the wrong direction, with a million residents moving out.

“The taxes and regulations are too high,” Norris said. “We need to change the way we do business in New York State.”

Gerald Greenan III is running for NYS Supreme Court Judge against Buffalo City Court Judge Amy Martoche. Greenan said he would be a judge in the mold of new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Greenan, an attorney, has led the state Liquor Authority’s Buffalo office and has served as an administrative law judge for the state Parole Board.

Nadine Hanlon has the Republican line for Orleans County clerk after defeating Diane Shampine in the Republican Primary. Shampine is on the ballot again under the Conservative line.
This is the only county-wide contested race.
The other county positions are unopposed, including Joe Cardone for district attorney and three coroners — Scott Schmidt, Charles Smith and Rocco Sidari.
Hanlon, the current clerk to the Orleans County Legislature and a former Kendall town clerk, said she appreciates the support of the community in her campaign for county clerk.

Joe Cardone is unopposed for district attorney. He has served is the position for 29 years, making him the longest serving elected official in the county government.

Cardone said new laws from the state favor people who commit crimes.

“Criminal justice is under assault in New York State and it is causing tremendous problems,” Cardone said.

Langworthy, the state chairman, said it is critical that more Republicans be elected to the State Legislature and for state-wide offices.

“The message is clear,” Langworthy said. “We need to restore balance to New York State government.”

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