Good signs in NY as deaths and hospitalizations drop, but Cuomo says no time to be lax

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 May 2020 at 7:50 pm

The number of people dying from Covid-19 in New York State has dropped significantly in the past four weeks.

During the week of April 5-11, there are 5,226 confirmed deaths in the state from Covid-19, including a high of 799 on April 8. That week, there were more than 700 deaths in six of the seven days.

The number of deaths has dropped each week since with 4,484 from April 12-18, 3,097 the week of April 19-25, and then 2,176 this past week. This past week about 300 people died on average each day from Covid-19 in the state, significantly less than nearly 750 daily average during the week of April 5-11.

Week of April 26-May 2: (2,176 deaths)

• April 26, 337; April 27, 335; April 28, 330; April 29, 306; April 30, 289; May 1, 299; May 2, 280;

Week of April 19-25: (3,097 deaths)

• April 19, 478; April 20, 481; April 21, 474; April 22, 438; April 23, 422; April 24, 437; April 25, 367.

Week of April 12-18: (4,484 deaths)

• April 12 (Easter), 671; April 13, 778; April 14, 752; April 15, 606; April 16, 630; April 17, 540; April 18, 507.

Week of April 5-11: (5,226 deaths)

• April 5, 599; April 6, 731; April 7, 779; April 8, 799; April 9, 777; April 10, 783; April 11, 758.

The deaths on Saturday, at 280, is almost a third of the record high of 799 deaths on April 8.

“The number that is the most important number that we look at, which is still tremendously distressing is the number of deaths, 280,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today. “The overall direction is good, even though it’s very painful.”

The governor also reported today that overall hospitalization in the state from Covid-19 dipped below 10,000 for the first time in about six weeks. The number hospitalized was 9,786, and the number of new hospitalizations on Saturday from Covid-19 was 789.

“That’s good news,” he said. “We were hovering at about 900, 1,000.”

That good news shouldn’t be a sign for New Yorkers to let their guard down, Cuomo said.

The state may begin to reopen the economy on May 15, but it will be done incrementally and regionally. Cuomo said he will be watching the numbers. If there is a spike in Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations, the state will likely back off on the reopening.

He praised residents throughout the state for adhering to social distancing guidelines, staying home as much as possible, washing their hands frequently and more recently, wearing a mask or face covering in public.

The governor acknowledged today there has bene pushback from some people about the mask-wearing directive.

“Act responsibly. Wear a mask,” Cuomo said today. “I know the weather is getting warmer. I know people want to get out of the house. Fine, wear a mask and socially distance. That is your social responsibility in the middle of this overall pandemic.

“And when we talk about New Yorkers together and this spirit of unity and how people are helping one another, and how tough we are and how smart we are and how disciplined we are, and how we love one another – show it,” he said. “You know how you show love? By wearing a mask – please.”

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