Good policing stands above politics, including extreme views from right and left

Posted 2 September 2022 at 8:14 am


I have read a back and forth about the police. Both writers lost their way with overstatements, hyperbole, and finger pointing. Let’s get some things settled.

1. The overwhelming majority of law enforcement is great. Studies show the very small percent who use excessive force were emotionally or physically abused as children. Some small departments – particularly in states that cut corners – do not administer needed psychological testing to weed out bad eggs. That is not politics.

2. Looters are looters. There is no proof, per the FBI, that leftists are organized to commit violence these days. (Personally, I believe some – too many – radicals jump in when the opportunity arises.) Per the FBI there are organized and armed far right groups (now trying to integrate into the MAGA wing for cover) out there ready for insurrection. It’s totally warped double standard for either MAGA or left wing Revolutionaries to root theirs on while condemning the other. This is rotten politics but not policing.

3. “Defunding the police” is as stupid a slogan as “supply side economics”. (Both think cuts in funding make the product better.) But mainstream people in both parties support more money for police. All agree we need to deal with reactions to race better. That probably begins with hiring but continues with what type of training works best. It’s legitimate stuff to talk through. No villains here though. Just problems to solve.

4. The one issue in these letters I see is that official public vehicles seem to have been used at a political event. It’s unfortunate people try to use good policing as a wedge issue. But once the uniform is on, wedge issue or not, the officer and his official car getting dragged into politics is not only illegal but forgets good policing stands above politics. It was an unfortunate oversight to mix the two.

There is nothing good that cannot be made better yet. The police, law enforcement, needs positive discussion – not far left or MAGA finger pointing.

Conrad F Cropsey