GO Health accepting at-home Covid tests, with positive tests to be reported within 24 hours

Posted 22 December 2021 at 1:46 pm

Press Release, Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments

The Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments (GO Health) are pleased to announce that we will now be able to accept at-home Covid-19 tests.

“We have developed an online form for residents to report a positive test result after taking an at-home Covid-19 test,” said Paul Pettit, Public Health Director for GO Health.

Positive test results are to be reported to the Health Department within 24 hours of completing the at-home test. Individuals can visit the GO Health website Covid-19 Testing page under Emerging Issues (GOHealthNY.org) and choose the appropriate Home Test button for their respective county.

Individuals should complete the at-home tests according to the directions provided. When the test is completed, individuals should take a picture with the individual’s name, the date and the time they took the test legibly written on the test within 15 minutes of reading the results. Towards the end of the online form, the individual will be required to upload the picture on the website and attest to the authenticity and truth of the form.  If there are any missing sections that are required, the form is invalid.  At this time, individuals do not need to report negative at-home test results.

Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 is to self-isolate for at least 10 days. A case investigator will contact the individual to determine any potential contacts, check on the individual’s health and provide guidance on their isolation. Please answer the phone and be able to provide information regarding potential contacts when called. Also note, depending on our case load, it may be a day or two before you are called.

It is important to continue with self-isolation from household members as much as you are able. If you must share space, make sure all in contact with you are wearing masks covering their nose and mouth and frequently shared items/surfaces are sanitized often.

Please note home testing may not be accepted for travel or events. Check with your travel/event planner for what is acceptable.

For information on Covid-19 testing, click here or click here.