Girl Scouts attend ‘Cookies with the Mayor’ and visit Albion PD

Photos courtesy of Susan Cook, Girl Scouts of WNY – Pictured from left at the main meeting room on Thursday at the Albion Village Hall, in back: Village Trustee Stanley Farone, Kaitlynn Basinait, Samantha Basinait, Mayor Eileen Banker, Troop Co-Leader Dawn Basinait, and Girl Scouts staff member Lena Budd. Front: Abriella Rice and Isabella Basinait.

Posted 9 March 2019 at 7:44 am

Press Release, Girl Scouts of Western New York

ALBION – Girl Scouts of Western New York Troop 82259 visited Albion Mayor Eileen Banker on Thursday to kick off the start of their cookie booth season. The Girl Scouts met the mayor, along with village trustees Stanley Farone and Gary Katsanis, to talk about community service work, Girl Scout badges and the troop’s cookie goals.

The mayor answered the girls’ questions about being a female leader and role model, how the local government works, and how she makes decisions.

“Being mayor, this is the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to have the Girl Scouts visit,” she said. “I think it’s wonderful that they would want to come in and learn about the village government and what the mayor does. I appreciate the fact that they’re interested in community service and what we do when it comes to a village board. I hope they’ve learned something and look to hold positions that have leadership in them.”

Trustee Katsanis explained to the girls how a large part of the job that the mayor and trustees handle is related to fiduciary responsibility and budgeting. The Girl Scouts were able to make a connection because the cookie program allows girls to engage in age-appropriate activities such as money management and financial literacy.

Mayor Eileen Banker explains to the girls how a typical village board meeting is run.

Everyone in attendance also took part in a cookie sampling. Mayor Banker commented she has always loved the classic Shortbreads and Peanut Butter Sandwiches, but was appreciative that the troop had a gluten-free option available for those who required it.

After the meeting, the troop went around the corner to the village police station. The officers purchased cookies, took the girls on a tour of the station and then showed them the inside of one of the police vehicles including all the gear they carry with them.

The topic of how to be a good citizen and the importance of assisting people was discussed. The Girl Scouts explained how they perform community service and try to help people in need. The officers said that their goal was very similar because they always want to make the community better, even if they serve a different role.

“Sometimes someone is having the worst day of their life and that brings me into their life that day,” said Officer Sean Mcelhinny. “To be able to help them out, even if they don’t realize at the time that they need help, is so gratifying. I’ve had people come here or see me on the streets after the fact who say thank you.”

Albion police officers Brandon Annable and Sean Mcelhinny show the girls the police vehicle and lights.

Officer Brandon Annable added, “That call might be the only time a person has police contact with you so you should always treat them as best you can. They might be having a bad day or something going on in their life you don’t know about. You always want to make an effort as an officer to respect everyone even if you end up having to arrest someone. It can help them in the long run to get them what they need and possibly save their life.”

Samantha Basinait, a seventh-grade Cadette Girl Scout, expressed interest in potentially becoming a policewoman one day and was encouraged by the officers to pursue her goal. Officer Annable commented how it would be beneficial to have female officers provide their talents to protecting and serving the community. He said that they haven’t had female applicants for open positions at the station in several years, but are always hoping to see more women join law enforcement.

At the end of the event, Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader Dawn Basinait commented, “It was wonderful that the mayor was able to talk to us. Some people get really busy and they don’t have time, but she’s a wonderful person. It was a lot of fun and I’m also glad the police were able to give us a tour.”

Girl Scout cookie season ends March 31. For more about Girl Scouts and cookie booths, visit

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