Girl, 6, makes skin care products that are eco-friendly, ‘made with love’

Provided photos: Lyla Rodriguez is shown with some of the skin care products she made that are for sale at Toyz n Kandy on East Bank Street in Albion.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 November 2021 at 9:41 pm

ALBION – A Carlton girl who soon will be 7 is a budding entrepreneur, making skin care products that are eco-friendly and “made with love,” said her mother Chase Tkach.

Her daughter, Lyla Rodriguez, has started her own business called Little Miss Lyla. She is selling whipped body butter through an Etsy account (click here) and also at Toyz n Kandy in Albion on East Bank Street.

Lyla started making body butter with her mother a few months ago.

Dan Conrad, owner of Toyz and Kandy, is pleased to offer the skin care products at his store that are made by Lyla Rodriguez.

“She has absolutely perfected the recipes,” Tkach said. “She makes them all on her own. I just help her along the way. I am very proud of her for becoming a young businesswoman and creating such beautiful skin care products. All of her products are eco-friendly, organic, and made with love.
Lyla sells the skin products in glass jars. She uses all-natural ingredients. Some of the products include Candy Cane, Scarlet Jasmine, Autumn Coffee with Vanilla Creamer, Lavender and Rosehip, and Peaches and Cream.

Dan Conrad, owner of Toys n Kandy, is happy to make space in the store for Lyla’s products.

“She is an awesome wonderful little lady that has not stepped up to make money but to show that hard work can pay off no matter how old you are,” Conrad said. “I’m trying to inspire more kids to open their imagination and put in the hard work.”

Lyla and her mother reached out to Conrad about selling the skin care products. He sells other locally made products.

“Anything to not only help this young lady out because she is an inspiration to other kids,” Conrad said.