Giant pie tin gets repainted in time for next month’s 4-H Fair

Posted 7 June 2022 at 5:21 pm

Photo and information courtesy of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orleans County

KNOWLESVILLE – In anticipation of the historic 75th Orleans County Fair, the Cornell Cooperative Extension sought and received a generous grant from the Rochester Area Community Foundation to repaint the historic pie tin and replace the signage.

The pie tin was beginning to show signs of disrepair, so the Extension took steps to safeguard this piece of local history.

The giant pie tin at the 4-H Fairgrounds symbolizes a story that began long ago. Going all the way back to 1928 and 1929, Orleans County had been home to the world’s largest pie, thanks to Charles Howard, of Santa School fame.

However, in 1932, that title was usurped by a 2,260-pound mince pie baked in the UK. After 44 years, in 1976, Orleans County decided that the time was ripe to reclaim the title.

However, 1977 was not to be the year of victory in Orleans County. Despite the best efforts of many volunteers, the attempted 17,985-pound pie was not to be. The pan failed and half-baked pie covered the parking lot.

Unfazed by the prior year’s mishap, the Pie Committee determined that this would be the year that their plans would come to fruition. After, 5 hours and 58 minutes of baking, a record-setting and delicious apple pie was finally completed.

The County Fair runs from July 25-30 this year.