Giant American flag on 104 is a welcome sight

Posted 24 May 2024 at 7:01 am


A huge American flag thrills us on the horizon! As we drive east on Ridge Road and approach Peter Smith Road two miles away, there it is!

At nighttime, lit up, sometimes in the rain, its furling and unfurling causes us to think of the comfort it must have brought to the troops fighting for our country. It included many of my relatives, including Great Uncle Michael Malloy at the Battle of Gettysburg, who gave his life as a flag-bearer.

Since we live north of the Ridge and often go to Brockport or Rochester, we have the pleasure of seeing it often coming each way. Especially, having served in the US Army, I always feel it in the pit of my stomach.

Thanks to Peter Mills for doing this for us. As a member of the Knights, we buy flags to fly and honor our troops on the Courthouse lawn. We know how expensive they are and they only last about six months. Can you imagine the maintenance on that huge flag pole as well?

Thank you again Peter.

Bob and Margaret Golden