Genesee County deputy found justified in fatal shooting of Albion man

Photos by Tom Rivers: Genesee County District Attorney Lawrence Friedman and First Assistant DA Melissa Cianfrini meet with the media this afternoon to discuss an investigation by the state police and decision by the grand jury that found a Genesee County sheriff’s deputy will face no criminal charges for shooting an Albion man on April 11 at the Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 May 2018 at 3:52 pm

BATAVIA – A deputy for Genesee County Sheriff’s Department won’t face criminal charges after fatally shooting an Albion man on the night of April 11 at the Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant, Genesee County District Attorney Lawrence Friedman told reporters during a news conference this afternoon.

The shooting by Deputy Ryan W. Young resulted in the death of Keith Kent, 61. Young was found justified with his actions following an investigation by the State Police, Friedman said.

Melissa Cianfrini said Log Cabin patrons hid in the basement and feared for their lives after Kent fired shots in the parking lot.

The District Attorney’s Office shared the results of the investigation with the Genesee County grand jury on Wednesday and that group voted to return a “no bill,” meaning no criminal actions by the deputy, Friedman said.

“The case is closed,” he told reporters at the Genesee County Courts facility. “That brings the matter to a conclusion.”

Melissa Cianfrini, the first assistant DA for Genesee County, said State Police interviewed customers who were at the Log Cabin that night. Law enforcement was dispatched to the location at about 11 p.m. after Kent fired two shots in the parking lot.

A customer called 911 after the situation was escalating, Cianfrini said. Kent had to be asked to leave the bar after a complaint from one customer.

When Kent stepped out of the restaurant and fired two shots, customers went to the restaurant’s basement, trying to arm themselves with any kind of weapon, Cianfrini said. One customer told police he feared he would die.

Kent would fire a third shot, and police aren’t sure what that was directed at.

When law enforcement arrived, Kent was in the parking lot and was asked to set down his gun.

“He was given multiple directives to drop his weapon,” Cianfrini said. “He did not comply with the directives.”

When he lowered his gun towards Deputy Young, the deputy fired about 15 rounds with an AR-15 rifle. Kent was hit in the neck and grazed in the back, Cianfrini said.

Young has since returned to work on “light duty.” He has worked for the Sheriff’s Department for two years. Prior to that, he was a Le Roy police officer for four years.

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