Generous donation will address deteriorating condition of Fancher Clock, a WWII Memorial

Posted 29 March 2021 at 3:40 pm


Photo by Tom Rivers: The four-sided Fancher clock is a memorial to 10 soldiers from the Fancher area who died in World War II.

In May of 2020 I received a phone call from Dr. Frederick Fiorito of Mount Vernon NY. Dr. Fiorito grew up in Fancher on a farm at the intersection of Fancher & Telegraph roads. Over the years he would return to the homestead visiting family and friends. In doing so he took note of the deteriorating condition the Fancher Clock has endured in the more than 70 years since its dedication.

In conversations with Fred and his brother, life-long fireman Ted Fiorito, I received a personal history lesson in the significance and purpose of the “Fancher Clock”. The monument is a memorial for the 10 sons from the Hamlets of Fancher, Brockville and Hulberton who went off to WWII and didn’t return.

John Christopher, Joseph Christopher, Cosmo Coccitti, Floyd Valentine, John Kettle Jr., Leonard Licursi, Martin Licursi, Camille Nenni, Richard Merritt, Richard Vendetta. It is the amazing story of a community coming together to honor their memory and sacrifice.

The Fioritos vividly remember the Gold Star Mothers each dressed in black in the back seat of black vehicles with gold stars on the windows. That vivid experience remains to this day and the failing condition of the memorial troubles them.

It is my honor to announce that Dr. Fiorito has generously donated funding for its restoration to memorialize the men for future generations.

Without hesitation, I have enlisted Holley/Murray Historical President Danny Mawn and Murray Town Historian Marsha DeFilipps to research and develop our implementation plan. As expected, they have produced historical documents and photos to help us determine what necessary actions to take. Danny has already spent countless hours on site, with contractors and researching as only he can do.

I’m proud to say we are beginning the first phase of its restoration this Spring and hope to move to competition for a rededication ceremony on August 14, 2021 the day it was dedicated some 72 years ago.

This gift is an expression of the Fioritos love of their hometown and the importance of memorializing those sons we lost in that war. This gift is gratefully accepted with profound appreciation.

Their belief in community and willingness to give will make our Town of Murray a better place for all of us to live and will keep the memory of our soldiers alive.

With Fond Sincerity,

Joe Sidonio

Town of Murray Supervisor