General Physicians’ offices are open, with push for more telemedicine

Posted 23 March 2020 at 7:59 am

Press Release, Dr. Tom Madejski

MEDINA/ALBION – General Physicians PC’s Medina and Albion offices remain open during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

In order to protect our patients and reduce chances of exposure to the corona virus we are changing some of our processes for patient visits and management.

Both Medina and Albion offices will remain open with regular office hours.

We have accelerated our adoption of telemedicine and will convert many visits to virtual visits using telephone, Skype, ZOOM or other interactive technology. Patients who require a procedure or physical examination will still come to and be cared for at the office in the usual fashion.

Dr. Madejski, Marcel Rozario ANP, Pamela Eaton ANP, Emma Leatham PA, and Pamela Eaton ANP will continue to see patients either through a telemedicine interface or in person in the office.

Dr. Madejski anticipates that 60-70% of visits can be done without coming to the office, reducing the chance of exposure of patients to healthcare workers and importantly to other patients who could potentially be carrying the virus and be a source of transmission while still asymptomatic. This is especially important for our elder patients with multiple medical issues.

Patients, as always, have options to reschedule visits but we recommend keeping regular follow-up and wellness visits as scheduled. This should keep your healthcare up to date and reduce the likelihood of problems arising due to deferral of care and testing. This is especially important for our patients with multiple chronic diseases. It will also assist in reducing the pressure to catch up with diagnostic testing and care when we return to normal in the next few weeks to months.

Due to the declaration of a National Emergency telemedicine visits are covered by insurance without any copayment. General Physicians is also able to see new patients via telemedicine without a pre-existing relationship during the crisis. Patients who have symptoms are welcome to call for guidance and help avoid additional burdens to our stressed inpatient healthcare system.

Dr. Madejski and the staff at General Physicians remain committed to helping the citizens of Orleans and Eastern Niagara Counties weather this storm and come out of it stronger.

Please call us with any questions at 585-798-3345 or 585-589-1322.