GCC recognizes student and instructor of the semester at Albion, Medina centers

Photos courtesy of GCC: Amy Schrader has been selected as the Student of the Semester at GCC’s Medina Campus Center for spring semester.

Posted 14 May 2019 at 6:49 pm

Press Release, GCC

Genesee Community College’s Albion and Medina Campus Centers have announced the Spring 2019 Instructors and Students of the Semester.

Each semester, one instructor and one student from each campus center are recognized for their outstanding instructional and/or academic performances. For several weeks, the campus centers collect nominations from fellow teachers, colleagues and students and a small committee led by James Simon, associate dean at Medina and Albion Campus Centers, determines the winners.


Paul Brew

Paul Brew has been selected as the GCC Albion Campus Center Spring 2019 Instructor of the Semester. Brew is new to the GCC Albion faculty this semester and teaches history and political science. The students who nominated Mr. Brew said, “He is an instructor that will always be there to help, and doesn’t want anybody to fail his class.” Another student stated: “History is a tough subject for me, but the way he teaches it really made me like history!”

Brew of Rochester is a graduate of Churchville-Chili High School, and over his lifetime he gleaned his higher education from Monroe Community College, Empire State College, SUNY Brockport and GCC. He earned a Master’s degree in World History. “I went right from high school to work and instantly became addicted to the paycheck. Money does not equal happiness, and I wish I would have gone to college sooner.”

In his insights on the Albion Campus Center, he shared that “GCC is a place where people trump paperwork every time. You can get just about anything done with an actual person.”

In addition to teaching, Brew enjoys doing Isshin Ryu Karate, playing World of Warships video games and writes Sci-fi. He cites his most rewarding teaching experience as “Every time a student tells me they hate history but enjoyed my class.” His word of advice to new instructors? “Meet students where they are.”

Carl Roach III

Carl Roach III has been selected as the GCC Albion Campus Center Spring 2019 Student of the Semester. Roach is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with expected graduation in Spring 2020. He has a long-term life goal of “achieving a technology breakthrough that will ultimately lead to a greater understanding of our very human nature and the world around us.”

Roach chose to further his education at GCC in order to “achieve his dreams and goals in life.” He notes that the strong support of his family helps drive his aspirations. “Without their support, I would be lost.” Other major influences in his life are the “various learning and teaching styles offered through the intellectual instructors and programs” at GCC. His nominating instructor said, “Carl is driven and curious to be the best version of himself. Not only does he actively participate and add value to every class discussion, but he encourages and teaches his peers to achieve success in the classroom.”

Outside of school, you can find Roach skateboarding, running, playing guitar and pursuing his love of computer technology, philosophy, history and learning. Roach resides in Albion.


Dr. David Voss

Dr. David Voss has been selected as the Instructor of the Semester at Genesee Community College – Medina Campus Center for the spring 2019 semester. Dr. Voss teaches Introduction to Chemistry at the Medina Campus this semester and has taught at GCC since 2007. He also teaches chemistry and forensic science at Medina High School. The student nomination stated, “He is an awesome professor, super helpful, and provides encouragement for his students. I really enjoyed every second of his class!”

When asked about one piece of advice he would give to new instructors, Dr. Voss said, “Smile every day and have fun teaching your class.” He received this advice from a former student on a post-it note during his first year of teaching and he still carries this advice with him. Voss indicated that hearing about former students who are doing well and enjoying life is the most rewarding aspect of his job.

When asked about his feelings regarding GCC Medina Campus Center, he said, “The staff and faculty are incredibly caring and supportive. They want every student to be successful. It’s a great place to go to continue your education.”

Dr. Voss earned his B.S. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Bioinorganic Chemistry from University at Buffalo. He enjoys sports, reading and gardening. He is married and has four children, a dog and two cats, and resides in Barker.

Amy Schrader has been selected as the Student of the Semester at the Medina Campus Center for the spring semester. Amy is pursuing a Nursing A.A.S. degree and she is a full-time student at GCC, expecting to graduate in May 2021. After she completes her degree, she plans to continue her education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Amy’s career goal is to work as a registered nurse at Medina Memorial – Orleans Community Health, where she currently works as an L.P.N. in the dialysis department.

The instructors who nominated Amy expressed that she is an excellent student with exceptionally strong work ethic, diligence and determination. Professors commented that she is an “inspiration” and positive role model to traditional students as “they can see in her how hard work pays off.” Amy has certainly made a very positive and lasting impression during her time at GCC.

When asked why she decided to attend college, Amy shared that she wanted to further her education as a nurse and to be better able to provide for her family. Her advice to new students: “Work hard, don’t give up, and have perseverance. It’s all going to be worth it!”

Amy is married, has two children and resides in Medina.

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