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Posted 8 December 2017 at 5:29 pm

Press Release, GCC

Genesee Community College’s Albion and Medina Campus Centers have named the Fall 2017 Instructors and Students of the Semester. Each semester, one instructor and one student from each campus center are recognized for their outstanding instructional and/or academic performances.

For several weeks, the campus centers collect nominations from fellow teachers, colleagues and students and a small committee led by James Simon, associate dean at Medina and Albion Campus Centers, determines the winners.

Albion Campus Center

Kristin McAdoo

Kristin McAdoo of Knowlesville has been selected as the Fall 2017 Instructor of the Semester at the Albion Campus Center. She was nominated by a student who noted, “She is one of the sweetest teachers. She has a lot of patience and is a great role model. I look up to her. She encourages us to do everything with our whole heart and not to give up.”

McAdoo graduated from Medina High School, earned her degree in Elementary and Special Education at SUNY Geneseo and went on to earn her Master of Science degree in Reading from SUNY Brockport. She is teaching Gaining Power in College Reading at GCC this semester and shared that “our campus feels like a family; everyone is supportive of each other.”

Married with four children and one grandchild, Kristin also serves as the reading specialist for the Brockport Central School District. She is active in her community, serving on the Rochester Area Literacy Council and with the Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Company. McAdoo’s hobbies include reading and being a volunteer EMT/firefighter. She noted her most rewarding teaching experiences are “when students come back to visit and tell me that they learned from, and appreciated, my class.” In reflecting on her career, McAdoo explained that she wouldn’t change a thing relative to the career choices she’s made: “I love what I do!” In offering some advice to a new instructor, she said: “Listen to your students and don’t be afraid to try a new idea.”

Brian Daluisio

Brian Daluisio of Medina has been selected as the Fall 2017 Student of the Semester at the Albion Campus of GCC. Brian is pursuing a degree in Teacher Education with intention to transfer to SUNY Brockport upon completion of his A.A.S. degree to eventually become an elementary education teacher.

Daluisio says that the thing he most enjoys about college is that it challenges him and offers him the hope of a better future. His academic strength comes through in his commitment to do whatever work is required, no matter how difficult.

His nominating instructor said that Daluisio stands out from the crowd because he is consistently diligent, reliable and steady in his work. “Brian is the kind of person who, I believe, will go far in life simply doing his work thoughtfully, faithfully and thoroughly. Brian’s focus and determination are clear.”

Outside of the classroom, Daluisio enjoys water skiing, hiking, swimming and snow -boarding. He cites his family, and especially his grandparents, as the major influences in his life.

Medina Campus Center

Karen Krieger

Karen Krieger has been selected as Medina Campus Center’s Instructor of the Fall 2017 Semester. She teaches Foundations of Academic Success in Medina and in the past has also taught Career and Education Planning. Krieger currently serves as an academic advisor at the Medina Campus.

She earned her B.S. in Sociology from Buffalo State College and her M.S. in Education from D’Youville College. She enjoys reading, yoga, and walking outdoors. Krieger was a special education teacher for grades 1-5 at Medina Central School District prior to coming to GCC, and served as a college supervisor for the Department of Education at SUNY Brockport from 2013-2014.

Krieger resides in Albion and is married with two children, a golden retriever and two tiger tabbies. Students appreciate that “she is so willing to go above and beyond for everyone.”

Krieger said, “Watching students grow and obtain their educational and career goals have been among the most rewarding teaching experiences for me.”

Her one piece of advice to new instructors is to “Take the time to get to know your students and listen to them.” When asked about GCC’s Medina Campus Center, she said, “GCC Medina Campus Center is a learning environment and opportunity close to home, where education is nurtured and faculty and staff go above and beyond to encourage and support our students.” Krieger is exactly that, a dedicated educator who offers unconditional support and encouragement landing her the title of Instructor of the Semester.

Autumn Salatka

Autumn Salatka of Medina has been named Medina’s Fall 2017 Student of the Semester. Her major is Liberal Arts and Science: Teacher Education Transfer, with a concentration in English. She is a full-time, first semester student at GCC and is expected to graduate in 2020. She is currently undecided where she will complete her next degrees and NYS teaching certifications.

When asked why she decided to attend GCC, Salatka shared that she wanted to build confidence within herself and become better educated. She enjoys being a college student, and appreciates how different it is from high school. Instructors who nominated her expressed that her work ethic shines through in all aspects of her class work and participation.

Salatka approaches every assignment with an infectious energy and is always eager to assist her peers. She demonstrates leadership skills and has certainly made a lasting impression during her first semester. She shared that her parents, siblings, and her nephew Elijah, are major influences and inspirations in her life. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at PAWS Animal Shelter, as well as assisting foster/adoptive groups that her family belongs to.

When asked what advice she had for new students, she said “It’s OK to be nervous. I still get nervous, but that’s the feeling we get when we leave our comfort zones. You’ll learn that leaving your comfort zone is the only way you can grow as a person.”

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