GCC offers micro-credentials to fast track training and skills

Posted 2 April 2020 at 10:42 am

Press Release, Genesee Community College

BATAVIA – Today’s competitive workforce is in a constant state of evolution even before the COVID-19 Pandemic. The introduction of new systems, products and services, and the drive for improved efficiencies in an ever-challenging marketplace require employers to evaluate, update and realign teams to best meet the changing demands of their industry.

To help employees build their skill sets and keep up, Genesee Community College is excited to open enrollment for its first Micro-Credential programs available this fall semester, which begins August 31, 2020.

Micro-Credentials are academic programs, similar to degree programs that have been dramatically trimmed to just 9 to 15 credit hours that include only core courses relevant to specific skills, training and knowledge in that discipline. Designed to be earned in as quickly as one semester, a micro-credential is the ideal way to build a resume to take advantage of career advancement opportunities, get started in a new industry, or even to explore a career path without the commitment of an expensive or time-consuming four-year degree.

GCC’s Micro-Credential programs offer students a high-quality education in a reduced time frame and limited cost – only course tuition plus course-related books and fees. The first micro-credential programs GCC has made available for enrollment for the Fall 2020 semester are:

The Human Resource Management Micro-Credential focuses on human resources including legal compliance, diversity and inclusion, succession planning, recruitment, retention and much more!

The NYS Coaching Certification Micro-Credential provides a solid first step toward becoming a coach, athletic instructor or trainer. It also satisfies the requirement for anyone seeking a coaching career in any public school in New York State.

“Since its inception, Genesee Community College has prioritized the needs of the communities we serve by helping to ensure our graduates and their employers benefit from the most current and relevant technologies available,” said Dr. Kathleen (Kate) M. Schiefen, provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs. “Micro-credentials allow us to deliver on both of those priorities in a very big way. For many people, from incumbent workers to those facing layoff, a micro-credential in one or two semesters with incredibly reasonable tuition and 100 percent online access can change a career trajectory and help secure a whole family.”

The online learning component of the new micro-credentials is another way the programs enable student success, particularly for those who may be juggling the responsibility of family, healthcare needs, transportation issues or jobs. Upon completion of a micro-credential program, students receive an official college transcript that documents their earned academic credit as well as a specific digital badge that highlights those core skills and competencies that employers search for on resumes, LinkedIn pages and other social media channels. The digital badge, representing the earned micro-credential, sets a GCC candidate apart from the rest.

Additionally, earned micro-credentials generate SUNY academic college credits which are transferable and can be applied toward additional academic degrees in the future including:

• GCC associate degrees and certificates

• SUNY to SUNY Pathways and Seamless Transfer programs

• GCC’s many (150+) transfer agreements with baccalaureate institutions

• Most colleges and universities nationwide

Individuals who are interested in earning a micro-credential in Human Resource Management should contact Dr. Lina LaMattina, GCC assistant professor and director of Business and Commerce, LMLattina@genesee.edu, 585-343-0055 Ext. 6319.

To discuss the NYS Coaching Certification Micro-Credential, contact Becky Dziekan, GCC professor and director of Health and Physical Education, 585-343-0055 x 6424 and rldziekan@genesee.edu.

“GCC is excited about developing additional micro-credential programs in the near future,” Dr. Schiefen added. “While these are ideal for working adults looking to advance in their careers by attaining the skills necessary to keep up with their changing job duties, micro-credentials are also perfect for young adults to help them qualify for entry level positions or to explore brand new career paths.”

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