GCC announces new and refreshed classes for Fall 2020

Posted 14 July 2020 at 3:57 pm

Press Release, Genesee Community College

BATAVIA – “Socially distanced but strategically focused,” that is how administrators at GCC are describing the Fall 2020 semester which introduces new micro-credentials and some important curriculum changes all aimed at helping students secure or create long-term careers to sustain success in these uncertain and uncharted times ahead.

Professional Sales Micro-Credential

Careers in professional sales are evolving with new tools and strategies to reach ever-more sophisticated consumers and many new marketplaces. Professional sales careers offer the benefit of high earning potential, job security, scheduling flexibility, unlimited industry options and the joy of applying both the entrepreneurial spirit with basic business skills.

In just three business courses or nine credit hours, the Professional Sales Micro-credential at GCC provides up and coming, as well as seasoned sales professionals across industry lines with a skill set that launches or actively advances sales careers. This program can be completed in one semester and is offered via GCC’s HyFlex learning modality which provides students the ultimate convenience of learning anywhere, anytime, on any device – including a classroom. To discuss the Professional Sales Micro-credential opportunity, contact Dr. Lina LaMattina, GCC assistant professor and director of business and commerce, at LMLamattina@genesee.edu, or call 585-343-0055, extension 6319.

Computer Repair Certificate

Since March, millions of people worldwide have relied on their computers and the internet to work from home, maintain an income, place online orders for groceries and other essentials, complete academic coursework and even engage in religious worship and socializing.

The reliance on technology has increased the demand for people who can maintain computers, laptops and other electronic devices that are now our lifeline. With that in mind, GCC refreshed the Computer Repair Certificate program which introduces computer hardware and various software and operating system components. Students will learn hardware installation, configuration, repair, systematic troubleshooting, internal operation, peripheral devices, operating system installation and system tools. Students will also gain invaluable experience during lab work that includes computer assembly and real-time repair projects.

Individualized Studies Associate in Applied Science

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the average individual experiences a half dozen careers in a lifetime. Everyday new businesses are being created and people are inventing entirely new careers born of innovation, creativity and the desire to satisfy and address new needs, opportunities and trends.

GCC’s Individualized Studies Associate in Applied Science degree has been meticulously redesigned to encourage students of all ages to select courses and program parameters that align with individual goals and interests while meeting core learning requirements. It is a degree that supports unique dreams, aspirations and budding business plans.

“The faculty at Genesee Community College are focused on their students in a way that most people don’t realize,” Dr. Kathleen M. Schiefen, GCC provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs said. “They are not just teaching students day-to-day and meticulously following their progress through a course. They are also staying abreast of industry trends, technology changes and job forecasts. Every program is carefully reviewed and scrutinized every five years with the help of several hundred industry professionals who make up GCC’s broad network of academic advisory councils. GCC students receive an education based on the latest data, research and a close evaluation of best practices and future forecasts.”

This scrutiny can lead to grants that may bring in new equipment or a new adjunct faculty member, or small adjustments such as eliminating a three-credit language requirement. Collectively, it means GCC students waste no time in securing the education, experience and often the connections that lead to success.

Anyone one who is currently working, but looking to add a skill set or change a career path; out of work and wanting to try something new; or just graduating from high school or a GED program and looking for the next steps toward a college degree, now is the time to apply. The Fall 2020 semester starts Aug. 31. Most courses are available online offering maximum flexibility and the comfort and safety of learning from home.

Contact a GCC student success coach by calling 585-345-6805 or email ssc@genesee.edu, or start your free application online (click here).