Garbage and recycling collection ceases on Wolf Lane, Willow Lane in Yates

Posted 28 May 2021 at 3:23 pm

Narrow private fire lanes don’t have enough space for trucks to turn

Press Release, Orleans County chief administrative officer

YATES – We are fortunate to having a countywide solid waste program for all of our residents.  We attempt to provide this service to all residents who reside on our town roads, county roads, state roads and even fire lanes. However fire lanes are private property that do not have a standard for width or right-of-way that municipal roads are required to maintain.

We work with Modern Disposal Services to ensure that their commercial equipment may safely and efficiently service our community. However, there are instances when certain areas or fire lanes are not able to be safely navigated to service the resident’s solid waste or recyclable items.  When that happens, in an attempt to resolve the situation, we contact the town and residents to inform the parties of the challenges we have in that area.

Unfortunately it has come to our attention that the junction of Wolf Lane and Willow Lane in the Town of Yates does not allow for a safe turn for the commercial trucks that are used in servicing these households for our solid waste collection and collecting the recyclables.

Therefore the residents of Wolf Lane and Willow Lane will need to bring their solid waste and recycling to the roadside of Lakeshore Road effective on your next scheduled pickup date. Since these are private lanes, we have no control to resolve this issue so the new location for solid waste and recyclable service will be at the roadside of Lakeshore Road.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this creates for the residents of Wolf Lane and Willow Lane in the Town of Yates,” said Jack Welch, Chief Administrative Officer for Orleans County. “We hope that the residents of these two lanes are able to work together to resolve this issue so that service may return in the future.”