Gaines town supervisor says Sobieraski would make Sheriff’s Office better for the community

Posted 20 June 2019 at 8:13 am


As the Republican Primary Election nears, I’d like to express my support for Brett Sobieraski, and do so from three different perspectives.

As a retired law enforcement officer from a Sheriff’s Office, I understand the need for strong leadership in any law enforcement agency. Sheriffs are more than administrators. They are coaches. They are trainers. They are mentors. They lead by example. They reward success and hard work. They train and guide those who need to improve. They inspire good officers to become great.

We need leadership like this in our Sheriff’s Office. He will help every member of that organization be better. It will make them more efficient. It will make us safer. His service to others outside law enforcement is top notch, raising money for charity and helping people everywhere he goes. His spirit of service and volunteerism will be contagious in our Sheriff’s Office, and that can only be good for our community.

My second point of view is that as chairman of the Gaines Republican Committee. We had the opportunity to hear the candidates speak when they asked for endorsements. Brett’s vision and plan for improving our safety is outstanding. He can communicate it very clearly to people who aren’t in law enforcement. He understands what needs to be done.

He wants to make Orleans County a better place for everyone. His passion and commitment show through in everything he does. While the County Republican Committee didn’t come to the threshold required to support one candidate over another, the majority of the members of the Gaines Committee support Brett Sobieraski as the best candidate.

My third point of view is that of town supervisor in Gaines. As town supervisor, I am responsible for the safety of the residents in the town. In small towns without police agencies, we rely on the Sheriff’s Office to provide for that safety.

Having well trained, motivated, dedicated, and caring members of the Sheriff’s Office helps keep all of us safe. This isn’t just the deputies who patrol the roads and investigate crimes. It is the dispatchers who take our 9-1-1 calls and send needed emergency personnel. It is the jail staff that safeguard and transport prisoners to our court. It is the animal control officers who directly provide those services for our town. It is the office staff who glue it all together.

Brett Sobieraski’s leadership will make every part of the Sheriff’s Office better, and that, in turn, will make our town better.

So please join me in supporting Brett Sobieraski in the Republican Primary for Sheriff. He is the best candidate, and has my support!

Thank you,

Joe Grube