Gaines town supervisor says letter from GOP committee member was misleading

Posted 4 September 2017 at 8:36 pm


I would like to correct some misinformation in a letter written by Gaines Republican Committee member Lorienda J. Smith supporting Gaines Republican Committee Chair Joe Grube for Supervisor.

  1. I HAVE answered questions at Town Board meetings. The Town Attorney answers contracts, litigation and other legal questions; you can find that information on line in our minutes.
  2. “Executive Sessions” discussions are protected by law and are not open for public. S 3-16 Executive Sessions page 40. Town Law Manual. Please consult to confirm. It is used by past & present Supervisors/Boards. Our Attorney is the go to person for any legal questions. No action can be taken in Executive Session please refer to board minutes.”
  3. “The Committee on Open Government has opined that the town board may designate any resident other than a member of the town board to take minutes in the absence of the town clerk and the deputy town clerk. (O.4728). The Comptroller’s Office has opined that where the village clerk is unable to attend a board meeting the village board of trustees may assign someone to take the minutes, including a member of the board (O.79-166); similar reasoning could be applied to the town board.” – Association of Towns Attorney Clarification.
  4. The security windows in both the Town Clerk and Justice Clerk’s Offices were dictated by the Department of Labor for employee safety.
  5. Confidential personnel issues are discussed in Executive Session protected by law. Personnel issues are personal depending on the employee. All personnel changes have benefited the taxpayers in the Town of Gaines.
  6. No outside political group should have influence on our Town Board except the people it represents. That is why I decided to go in the direction of seeking the people’s endorsement rather than approaching those who have endorsed themselves.

Carol Culhane

Town of Gaines Supervisor