Gaines Town Hall office hours reduced amounting to raise for town clerk

Posted 21 January 2018 at 12:47 pm


The Town of Gaines Clerk has decreased her hours at the Town Hall from 31 hours a week to 24.  Total pay based on a 31-hour week in the budget is $31,773.  This amounts to  $19.71 per hour.   The pay per hour for the new 24 hours per week is $25.46. That is a 29% pay raise.

The original 31-hour a week schedule was set by a Town Board resolution in December 2016.   The Town Clerk by law has a responsibility to ensure that her office hour’s match with the Town Hall office hours set by the Town Board.  The previous Town Board and the current Town Board have not altered that resolution according to the minutes posted on line.

Your tax bills however, were mysteriously altered in December 2017 to match the recently changed hours.  This was without Board knowledge or approval.

As a taxpayer and resident we all have a responsibility to watch and pay close attention to how our public officials conduct business while in office.   Please attend your local board meetings, ask questions, and read their minutes on line.


Susan M. Smith