Gaines town clerk candidate says she stands up for what is right

Posted 6 November 2017 at 1:41 pm


I was never interested in addressing Ms. Heard’s competency to hold the job of Town Clerk, but because I do in fact have a backbone and am truly willing to stand up for what is right, I will.

This is what I know, there was no taking over the Clerk’s job. Supervisor Culhane is a person who is more than willing to work with people for the betterment of the whole, she will guide and direct and share any information she has to help if she can.

Something that truly bothers me about Ms. Heard’s letter are her accusations against the Supervisor. If you have nothing real to accuse her of it isn’t OK to make things up. Her willingness to write these accusations to win an election for herself and her fellow committee member is not a trait of a person who stands up for what’s right, but of a person who is self-serving.

She states she has a backbone, but I think she is confusing a backbone with a willingness to go to any lengths to serve herself. The residents of Gaines should also be aware that Ms. Heard will be collecting a retirement on the back of Orleans County Taxpayers, and will also collect the Town Clerk’s salary paid for by the Town of Gaines Taxpayers. Is she really a watchdog?

Lastly, I will restate what I have consistently stated. I am in my second year as Deputy, I know the job, I love the job, and would love to continue in the office. I serve as I would like to be served, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Mitchell

Candidate for Gaines Town Clerk